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Maintenance and Groundkeeping
Ecogreen Landscaping LLC is on the leading edge of the landscaping industry. By substantial investments in training, the latest in equipment efficiencies, recruiting and retaining the best talent, and the implementation of sound business management fundamentals, we are able to back up our commitments to deliver the best in landscape services at competitive pricing.

Our proactive maintenance services include:
• Turf Care, Fertilization & Weed Control
• Aeration, De-Thatching & Verticutting
• Insect, Disease, & Pest Control
• Professional Moving and Pruning Practices
• Water Conservation Techniques & Irrigation System Management
• Soil Testing
• Color Spot Design & Care
• Design Services
• Renovation and Upgrades
• 24-hour Emergency Service
• Development of Landscape & Irrigation Budgets

Landscape Maintenance
Our unique Landscaping Maintenance program has successfully maintained a host of large and small maintenance properties. This type of expertise service can only come from a consistent delivery of expert landscape management services. The depth of knowledge accumulated over our people’s past experience is invaluable when managing the properties under our stewardship.

We take great pride in fielding our positions with the best personnel available, providing comprehensive training programs at all levels to insure the Ecogreen quality model, and administering a regimented landscape management program through our UNIQUE program. Unique to Ecogreen Landscaping LLC, we insure that all seasonal elements are addressed without fail! Pro-activity and absolute attention to detail is hallmarks of our Landscape Management program. The Maintenance department services both commercial and Homeowners associations.

Our fine horticulture programs are second to none, and it is our commitment to methods and developing systems that has allowed Ecogreen Landscaping to build a service delivery program that does not miss its mark when it comes to proactively delivering award-winning service.
Clients, and the landscaping itself, are most content when sound horticultural practices are delivered systematically and on schedule. It's that dependability that makes Ecogreen so successful.

Horticultural Dependability
Ecogreen Landscaping LLC has created its very own program for maintaining systematic, sound horticultural practices on schedule. It's why we are so successful at delivering the proper treatments on an absolute timely basis. Each year, our staff of experts convenes to review and improve the past years' monthly to-do list. It has so much incredible experience developed into it that it is now a proprietary document to be solely used by us.
Thos program incorporates different horticulture items to be managed and considered ensuring all elements of the finest, latest and most complete turf care, tree care, shrubs and groundcover care and gardening elements are maintained timely and on target. Such items proactively considered range from when to treat the turf for weeds or diseases to fertilization of different species plants as per growth patterns and climatic conditions. Other items include irrigation intervals based on plant needs rose pruning, soil aeration and so on. These are just a few of the hundreds of items part of the program we diligently consider for maintaining at its exact proper time

Turf Care and Fertilization

Turf fertilization provides essential nutrients (Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium) and micronutrients for plant growth and health. At Ecogreen Landscaping LLC, we mainly use organic materials for this purpose, using a slow release formula to help prevent leaching and run-off into the groundwater.
Turf fertilizers are usually applied in granular form with a broadcast spreader or drop spreader. The typical formulation is a 3:1:2 ratio of (N) Nitrogen to (P) phosphorous to (K) Potassium. This varies depending on the season and the crop (grasses, annuals, vegetables).

Weed Control
Pre-emergent weed control prevents the growth of weed seeds. They germinate, but their development is arrested by a chemical barrier on the soil surface. Post-emergent weed control kills established weed plants

Pest Control
Ecogreen Landscaping LLC .aim to stable the environmental approach to modern management. The contacts orientation to satisfied are supported by its extensive scientific base, both research and development in the field. AMC Pest Control section places its emphasis on inspection and inspection techniques, and only utilizes pesticide when activity has been discovered to provide the safe environment. Though close co-operation with clients a modern pest management program is formulated to work toward a pest free environment. Only approved pesticides are used due to their high insecticide action and low impact on the environment.
Lawns cannot live without air, water, and nutrients. When air has been squeezed out of the soil by heavy trampling, roots cannot grow efficiently.
Many lawns that receive heavy use (traffic) have compacted soil that restricts the movement of air and water to the roots. Aerating the turf can help rejuvenate the lawn by restoring passageways to the soil.

Irrigation Maintenance and Repair
We at Ecogreen Landscaping LLC are second to none in providing dependable professional solutions to the area of irrigation repair and management.
Our irrigation technicians are highly trained to specialize in this critical aspect of landscape management. The department has service vans, which are professionally equipped with parts and diagnostic equipment on-board to solve virtually any challenge they may come across. Our Irrigation Department is second to none in providing dependable professional solutions to the area of irrigation repair and management.

System Inspections
Because irrigation systems typically operate during the early morning or overnight hours, many systems suffer from deferred maintenance. Irrigation equipment may no longer be applying water evenly to the target landscape. Roots, animals, pedestrians, gardeners or plastic fatigue will cause required maintenance to an irrigation system.
Irrigation system checks is the technique of visually inspecting each sprinkler head during operation to verify proper operation and allows for repair or adjustment of equipment in need. System checks should be completed 3 to 4 times per irrigation season, which is March through October. Ideally these checks should be done at least once per month; however, thorough system checks require substantial time to properly complete. It is not cost effective for the client to allocate resources more frequently than 3-4 times per year. Of course, gardeners, residents or other site personnel should be encouraged to report any system malfunctions as a complement to the regular system checks.

System Controller/Timer Adjustments
During the course of the year the weather behaves in patterns that are, for the most part, predictable for any given month. Likewise, these somewhat predictable monthly weather and temperature patterns vary from month to month. This results in an irrigation factor known as Evapo-Transpiration (ET). Simply, ET is a weather driven factor used to measure the moisture that has transpired (sweated) from plant tissue and has evaporated from the soil.
Thus the inches measured by Evapo-Transpiration are an indication of the inches of water that should be reapplied for a given period. To make matters even more confusing, ET is universally based upon a certain type of plant and therefore should be adjusted for turf or shrub areas. These are called crop co-effectants and typically use 80% of the published ET for turf and 60% for most shrub areas.
ET factors are developed daily and cumulated for weekly and monthly totals. They are typically published in the newspaper or on water department websites. It is most practical to utilize historical monthly ET numbers for programming the irrigation controller. Each area or zone controlled by the controller should be programmed to apply irrigation at a precipitation rate that closely matches the factored monthly ET.

Irrigation Specialists
Our staff is all exceptionally trained and knowledgeable in Analytical Irrigation Management. The specialized application of fine irrigation management techniques is the reason Ecogreen Landscaping LLC has established an elite irrigation team.
Further, in today's world of advanced irrigation technology there are, for example, hundreds if not thousands of sprinkler heads and nozzles from which to choose. Knowing which head or nozzle is the right one to use takes more than the casual glance and a simple knowledge of irrigation. It takes a more specialized training. And as we become more aware of the precious commodity in horticulture and the ever-increasing demand of water, Ecogreen Landscaping LLC has committed itself to lead the field investing in training our Irrigation Specialists to be the Best in Class!

We provide water management and repair service to our landscape maintenance department clients as well as the general public, including residential service calls. This service has spun from the realization that the Arabian Gulf region would grow only few successful plants seen and best planted over many years without having to spare much of the life-blood water required to sustain the landscapes we have come to enjoy.

Additionally, irrigation management is an intensely analytical science. Successful irrigation management starts with understanding Evapo-Transpiration (the rate in inches water is dried from soil & plant tissue) and the precipitation (rate in inches which water is applied to the landscape), distribution Uniformity (evenness to which the irrigation system distributes the water) and all the electro-mechanical components from timer to sprinkler head which comprise an efficient irrigation system. (There are over 800 nozzle options alone to choose from to match an effective and efficient irrigation system.)

Ecogreen Landscaping LLC . provides complete lawn & landscape maintenance to residential as well as commercial clients. Providing professional services at the proper times throughout the seasons, we work at correcting past landscape problems or maintaining present conditions. Regular scheduled maintenance that we provide is the key to having a healthy, insect resistant and disease resistant lawn and landscape.
Our lawn maintenance agreements are usually all inclusive of routine lawn and landscape maintenance; from weekly cut & trim to irrigation startup and winterization. The services we provide can also be setup with a combination of services to meet your needs. Give us a call to find out more about our lawn care and maintenance services.

Available Lawn Maintenance Services
• Mowing
• Rake lawn areas
• Edging
• Weeding
• Trim hedges
• De-weed planting beds
• Aeration, Verticutting, De-thatching
• Fertilization
• Mulch planting beds
• Trim lower branches on trees
• Blow down serviced areas
• Overseeding

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