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Soft Landscaping Design
At Ecogreen Landscaping LLC, we work to achieve the most from any scheme.
Plants are a great way to provide maximum impact in both the short and long term. Key thoughts in our minds when designing with plants are:
• Seasonal Awareness and Interest.
• Robustness and Durability.
• Colour and Texture.
• Ease of Maintenance.
• Growth Patterns over Time.
We work closely with Nurseries to ensure the quality of the stock used on our projects. Our close contacts within the Horticultural Trade mean that we are often able to specify new, interesting and disease resistant stock, or to use plants previously unavailable in large quantities to the amenity market.

Soft Landscape Construction:
At Ecogreen Landscaping LLC., we know that a successful landscape is the result of the balancing of many elements. The first step is deciding what you want and like, so the finished landscape will suit your tastes and needs. Whether your property is large or small, the life-style you enjoy inside your home can be extended outside your door.

Thoughtful planning can yield a practical and enjoyable living space outdoors, whether you want to sunbathe, swim, play, barbeque, work, dine or just relax. Remember too that a good landscape increases the value of your property. The most important function of a landscape is what it does for the people who live or visit there. The landscaped yard or garden should be a special place; a place to discard worries and live with nature. It is in this landscape that you can rest, eat, play or just sit and enjoy the pleasures of what's around you.Because of the diversity of available plants, some people feel less confident about choosing the ones needed to complete a landscape. We can help you with those choices by providing you with information about each element.

Being, Ecogreen Landscaping LLC familiar with the plants that grow in the Arabian Gulf region will ENABLE you to create a more unusual and functional landscape. We will help you research the plants that you like--their water, soil, fertilizer, and climate requirements; their natural form and mature size; whether they have an invasive root system, lose their leaves or drop fruit, or provide shade; or any other characteristic that might be important for you.

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